Shelley's Bed & Biscuit Rescue



We are a small, home-based rescue dedicated to saving dogs from high kill shelters. See our dogs available for adoption below or at

All of our dogs are spayed/neutered, up-to-date on immunizations & heartworm tested prior to adoption. They are on current heartworm and flea prevention.  We may have young, healthy dogs or special needs, seniors, and blind dogs.

All of our dogs are evaluated as a part of our own home.  We do use a doggy door so we can never guarantee they will "ask" to go outside.  Simple house training methods will be provided upon request so your new dog can adjust to your home. 

If our dogs want to be on the furniture it is ok with us!  We feel these dogs have had a hard enough life and should be offered all the comforts possible. If you do not want your dog on your furniture or bed, please do not adopt from us.  We do not want our adopters to think they can retrain a dog not to do this.  Besides, most love to cuddle with you.

Most of our dogs are crate trained but we usually only use the crates for their meals unless it is a young dog who still enjoys chewing our belongings!  We will let you know if a dog is still in this puppy habit.

We do adopt to families with children but require the children to be over 8 years old in most cases.

We require a secure, complete fenced yard.  But these are house dogs, not outside dogs or guard dogs.  We expect they will be a full part of your family for everyone's enrichment. 

Our dogs are fed high grade food without wheat or grains.  We encourage the same after adoption.  We will discuss food options prior to adoption.  If you are adding a second or third dog to your family we do encourage you to feed your dogs separately to avoid any problems.

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Dogs Looking For Homes



We make every effort to match our dogs to the appropriate forever family. We are honest about any issues they may have and what they will need to adjust to your home.

The FIRST step is completing an adoption application.  We will then arrange a home visit & a "meet & greet" with the dog and all members of your family.
If for any reason you need to give the dog up for the life of the dog, we require they be returned to us -  no questions, no judgement.
We will adopt out of state but it may take longer to arrange a home visit and transportation.


We rely only on minimal private donations from concerned people like you!  All the costs of shots, altering, medications and any other medical concerns, including X-Rays & surgeries, come out of our own pocket.  Plus the cost of food and miscellaneous items.  Please donate even the smallest amount to assist us in helping the dogs who would otherwise be killed.  Thank you!